About ME

Hi, I’m Sara, a digital strategist with over 15 years of professional experience creating content, building strategies and digging into analytics to increase the bottom line. I’ve worked with all sizes of business, from solopreneurs and small tech start ups, to the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon.co.uk.

As Wildflower Digital, I take a collaborative approach to help business owners of all shapes and sizes serve and delight their clients through exceptional online experiences. I love creating working relationships with determined clients who really believe in their service or product, and know there’s a right way to deliver it digitally, and are willing to trust me to take them along that road.

I have a passion for creative communication, and exploring new ideas with motivated professionals makes me happy. And tea. That makes me happy too.



Wildflower Digital is based in Norfolk, UK, but the beauty of this electronic world is that I can work with people anywhere (as long as you have a connection…). 

Wildflower Digital also provides white-label services. Sometimes I pull in lovely people with other skills to complement a project, and likewise, if I have a specialism that fills a gap in your offering, let’s talk.

Let's Talk

Are you ready to raise your online game? Confused about something? Wondering about the possibilities? Let's have a chat, whether by phone, skype or email - get in touch!


07973 303218


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